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Dave Graddick
Growing up in a military family, I always had to sport buzz cuts. Father's orders. I didn't discover until college at Northwestern University that I actually had honest-to-God curly hair. #GoCats. 

My dad traveled the world working on missile defense. I want to do the same carrying massive ideas. I don't think advertising has reached its full potential yet as a creative arsenal for good.

I’ve done stints at Leo Burnett, Big River Advertising, Capital One and UWG. 

I'm for hire, curly hair and all.

Currently, I live in Chicago. But every army brat knows your duty station can change at the drop of a hat. And that home is wherever there are people who love you, dearly.


dave dot graddick at gmail dot com

For the American Heart Association, I worked as part of a four-person creative team to develop a campaign that encouraged Americans, especially Americans of color, to check their blood pressure. Here is our TV spot. 

For the last two years, I have been the lead writer for The Home Depot Retool Your School Program. This longstanding program is a chance for Historically Black Colleges and Universities to win grants from The Home Depot to help improve their campuses. I  write for TV, video, radio, print, email, and social. Here is a taste of the work. 

To see my work in social, click here: @RetoolYourSchool.

Doritos Solid Black is an ongoing initiative from Doritos to provide resources and a platform for Black Changemakers who use innovation and boldness to drive culture and give back to their communities. I was part of the team that produced the video content for the 2022 Changemakers. 

When Capital One rolled out chip-enabled credit cards nationwide, I was charged with creating a full cycle of communications to spread the news. This included direct mail, emails, brochures, and buck slips.

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Freelance Assignments: Landing pages, publications, radio, text messages, and concepting for multiple VA Lottery campaigns.

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