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Dave Graddick
Growing up in a military family, I always had to sport buzz cuts. Father's orders. I didn't discover until college at Northwestern University that I actually had honest-to-God curly hair. #GoCats. 

My dad traveled the world working on missile defense. I want to do the same carrying massive ideas. I don't think advertising has reached its full potential yet as a creative arsenal for good.

I’ve done stints at Leo Burnett, Big River Advertising, Capital One and UWG. 

I'm for hire, curly hair and all.

Currently, I live in Chicago. But every army brat knows your duty station can change at the drop of a hat. And that home is wherever there are people who love you, dearly.


dave dot graddick at gmail dot com

Brief: Moviegoers generally don’t comply with a cinema's "turn off your cellphone" PSA because they're afraid of missing an important call, text, tweet or e-mail. How do you get people to want to shut off their phones?

Idea: Interrupt the fear of missing out (fomo) cycle that keeps everyone constantly checking into their digital lives and shortchanging the people they are presently with.

Sprint: For A Stronger Connection

App, Print, Digital, OOH

Meet Phonecheck. Phonecheck is at the heart of this campaign.

Phonecheck is an app that functions like a coat check,a digital one, but for your phone.

Moviegoers create an account.

Check-in to their local movie theater.

And hand their phone over to Phonecheck, which shuts off their phone.

For every minute the phone stays shut off at the movie, the participant earns a point.

With frequent trips to the movies, the points really start to add up. Leader boards keep tabs of who's on top at local cinemas.

Finally, points can be redeemed for movie-experience rewards (popcorn, candy, drinks, ticket discounts) for not only you, but also a plus one (perhaps a friend, a new love, maybe your mom on Mother's Day) so you keep building stronger connections with the people you are with.

Phonecheck is launched as if the app were an actual movie (Afraid of Missing Out?) appearing in theaters soon.

The trailer actually serves as a PSA for shutting off your cellphone before the movie featured. With zero budget and lots of ingenuity, our team was able to lift our trailer concept off the story boards. A very proud moment for us.

The campaign will partner with movie ticketing services, such as Fandango, to continue to drive app downloads.

Phonecheck can be downloaded by texting a phone number to receive a direct download link.

Or, the app can be obtained by visiting

The microsite mirrors some of the functionality of the app, where participants can see their points, check the leader boards or redeem rewards.

CW: Dave Graddick
AD: Vinh Tran, Aaron Branch, Diego Saenez
Winning Pitch, Leo Burnett, Intern Project